We aim to uphold the right of all children and young people to time, freedom and space to play in their own way by:

  • Debating the philosophical and practical rationales for intervening in children’s play and the appropriateness and effectiveness of the various responses that have arisen from them in all relevant national and international areas
  • Advising and supporting the IPA International network and Board to effectively work to influence international bodies and agencies
  • Facilitating the international exchange of evidence and experience (for instance events, articles, papers, contribution to PlayRights magazine, website and supporting study visits)
  • Contributing to global consultation initiatives
  • Facilitating ‘cross-fertilisation’ between disciplines that have an interest or impact on children and young people’s play, environments for play and playwork
  • Setting up working groups as necessary to support activities in line with our aims

To be clear about the benefits of play and how adults should provide for play, we have prepared this brief summary to guide our work. Click here

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