IPA England Membership

IPA England welcomes as members all individuals and groups who share our current aims (see About IPA England) and are able to contribute to our work.

If you wish to become a member  please click here.

Membership gives you full access to the International Play Community, and to discounts at IPA Events. For example, Individual Membership can save you £50 on the Conferences organised by IPA branches; Group Membership could save your organisation up to £150 if three people attend.

Fees for 2019/2020

Category Total subscription
Individuals under 18 years Free
Individuals over 65 years £11.00
Individuals Students, Voluntary workers £15.00
Individuals Others £30.00
Groups – Voluntary/Community £50.00
Groups – Statutory/National £75.00
Benefactors £150.00

Membership/benefits package – All members:

  • New membership is a year from when you join
  • Membership of the IPA International Community
  • Invites to IPA Events world wide
  • Contacts with the IPA Worldwide Community
  • Discounts at IPA events world wide and for IPA England Publications
  • Copy of IPA England News brief
  • Copy of IPA Play rights magazine

Group Members – additional benefits:

Membership allows the group to claim discount at IPA events for up to four group members, where allowed

Benefactors – additional benefits:

Membership allows the benefactor to be listed as a benefactor in IPA EWNI Publications for the year of membership