International Day of Play - June 11 Every Year!!


Every Child Deserves Time to Play

We, the International Play Association (England), are dedicated to upholding the right of all children and young people to have time, freedom, and space to play in their own unique ways. We engage in debates about the philosophical and practical reasons for intervening in children's play, assessing the appropriateness and effectiveness of different responses. Our primary objective is to build and grow an international voice to support and promote children's right to play.
We provide advice and support to the IPA International network and Board, helping to influence international bodies and agencies. We facilitate the exchange of evidence and experiences related to play through various channels such as events, articles, papers, and contributions to PlayRights magazine and our website. We actively contribute to global consultation initiatives and promote collaboration between different disciplines that impact children's play, play environments, and playwork.
We have established working groups when necessary to support activities aligned with our aims of promoting children's right to play. With 22 years of experience, we are committed to advocating for and fostering an environment where children can freely and fully engage in play.
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