Welcome to the International Play Association – England branch

The International Play Association England (IPA England) is a leading member of a global child rights advocacy network dedicated to promoting a child's right to play. We recognise the importance of ensuring that children are supported in their fundamental right to play freely and openly without fear of judgement or criticism. This is especially important in the UK, where we believe there is a lack of understanding around the significance of play and its impact on children's overall well-being.

By joining the IPA network, members receive support and guidance in promoting a child's right to play. Through tailored events, workshops, and the sharing of best practices, IPA members can gain deeper insight into various perspectives and learn more about the different ways to advocate for the right to play. Furthermore, the IPA has established close ties with various national and international bodies and is actively engaged in bringing about change. By joining us, members are actively taking part in a movement to protect and empower children around the world.

The IPA is comprised of individuals and organisations who share a commitment to promoting a child's right to play and becoming actively engaged in creating a better world for children. Through their understanding that play is essential to children, IPA members dedicate themselves to bringing additional awareness to the public and working with public and private institutions to actively protect and support children's right to play. 

The IPA is an essential organisation for anyone who cares deeply about promoting a child's right to play and creating a more just and compassionate society. Members have access to an extensive network across the globe, giving them the opportunity to make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who are committed to making a difference. By joining the IPA and taking action in your community, you can help promote a child's fundamental rights and create a brighter future for them. Contact us for further information.


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